• We had noticed an ongoing trend in south Africa where a lot of firms are lacking good customer service, and people in general, struggle to help others – simply because of the environment we live in.
  • Where if you stop on the side of the road because you ran out of petrol, you stand the chance of being shot or there is a person pretending to lie injured In front of your gate luring you out of your vehicle so they can rob and hi-jack you. So of course you are going to become very aware of your surroundings and those that are around you (such as sales representatives). 
  • Why?
  • Because you believe you might be the next victim, and especially as a health and safety officer at a firm with the responsibility of ensuring everyone within your company is safe from a building fire, or an armed robbery.
  • That is why we started GXT, and why we decided to go into the security field.
  • We want to be a firm you can trust to help protect your assets, as well as your occupants.
  • We offer turn key solutions; in other words, everything you need to stay safe under one roof – we might not have all the information on hand all the time due to the vast scope and ever-changing environment we live in, but fortunately, we we have built relationships with various experts from around the world enabling us to help you with tailor made solutions, specifically designed to your needs and budget.

We are passionate about helping you, and your loved ones

We offer customer service that is unparalleled or equaled

We treat you as part of our family, therfore your safety is our first priority

We offer holistic solutions for all your safety needs